A new, easy-to-use version of Matrix-G® polymer modified gypsum additive, DuoMatrix-NEO®'s dry components (PART A) are "pre-measured" for easy mixing with PART B - latex liquid. Easy two-to-one by volume mix ratio means no scale is required. NEO® can be used to make lightweight plaster casting pieces that are very strong and water-resistant. NEO® is also flame resistant (has passed UL-94 Flame Test and is Flame Rated). NEO® is ideal for many plaster molding and casting applications.
  • duoMatrix NEO® - 60 minute demold time
  • duoMatrix-NEO


Trial Kit

DUONEO0T 3.0 lb
x $ 39.35
Sold Out

3 Gal Kit

DUONEO3 27.0 lb
x $ 118.20
Sold Out

6 Gal Kit

DUONEO6 150.0 lb
x $ 545.49
Sold Out

Drum Kit

DUONEOD 1440.0 lb
x $ 4,891.97
Sold Out

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