NOVOCS GLOSS Silicone Solvent

  • NOVOCS GLOSS Silicone Solvent

$ 43.73

NOVOCS is a low viscosity silicone solvent that evaporates quickly. NOVOCS will lower the viscosity of Smooth-On silicone rubbers and contains no VOCÕs. NOVOCS is particularly useful in thinning down Psycho Paint¨ silicone paint base to apply via brush or airbrush to cured platinum silicone rubber props and prosthetic.
NOVOCS is available in GLOSS and MATTE varieties. NOVOCS Gloss will leave a glossy finish on cured silicone. NOVOCS Matte will leave a matte finish.

WARNING - FLAMMABLE Liquid and vapor. Keep away from ignition sources and follow precautions for handling flammables.

Type materials
Vendor Smooth-On
Tags accessories

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