Econ® 80 is an economical Shore 80A polyurethane rubber suitable for a variety of mold making and industrial applications. It is a lower cost, faster cure alternative to our popular PMC®-780. Physical properties are lower vs. PMC®-780.

This is a no odor system that features a 1A:1B mix ratio and a low viscosity for easy mixing and pouring. Working time is about 13 minutes at room temperature, handling time is 6 hours and rubber cures overnight with minimal shrinkage. Econ® 80 is translucent and easily colored with SO-Strong® or Ignite® colorants.

Econ® 80 is used to make short run molds for casting concrete and resins, concrete stamping pads, rubber mechanical parts, coating fabrics, pour-in-place gaskets for industrial equipment and burial vaults.
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Trial Kit

ECON800T 2.0 lb
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1 Gal Kit

ECON801 15.0 lb
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5 Gal Kit

ECON805 76.0 lb
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Drum Kit

ECON80D 835.0 lb
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