PMC-746 Urethane Rubber Compound

  • PMC-746 Urethane Rubber Compound

$ 34.00

PMC-746 was developed to make molds for casting gypsum plasters. Like PMC-744, this product is well suited for use as a rubber case mold – especially large case molds where extra rigidity is required. Shore hardness is 60 A. Because of it's durability and moisture resistant properties, PMC-746 is also used by zoos and museums for a variety of mold-making, display and exhibit applications. It features a convenient mix ratio (2:1 by weight or volume), and contains no mercury. Other applications include making plaster block molds, reproducing ornamental plaster (architectural restoration), pre-cast concrete molds, casting waxes, Smooth-On rigid polyurethanes and epoxies and also for making a variety of special effects for movies and theatre.
  • PMC®-746 - Shore 60A Hardness

Type materials
Vendor Smooth-On
Tags PMC Series

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