Slacker Tactile Mutator

Slacker is a one component translucent clear fluid that is added by volume to our translucent platinum-cure silicone such as Dragon Skin and Ecoflex products. Slacker will change the feel of the silicone rubber to a softer and more flesh-like material. It also alters the rebound properties of the silicone, making it feel more like human tissue.

Slacker allows the user to vary the degree of tackiness to the cured silicone, allowing for the creation of self-sticking silicone appliances. The amount of tackiness is in direct proportion to the amount of slacker added. Pieces created with Slacker will not exude silicone oil, eliminating a common problem with other softening methods. 

Slacker can be added in larger proportions to Smooth-On's super soft and stretchy platinum silicone (for example, Ecoflex 00-30) to make silicone gel that can be used to create gel-filled silicone prosthetic appliances. Gel-filled appliances will flex, bend, and even wrinkle like human flesh. Silicone gels created with Slacker can also be used to create cushioning materials for medical applications (anaplastology).
  • Slacker Tactile Mutator


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